Mindfulness, Freedom and Limitations

Mindfulness, Freedom and Limitations

The main limitations for any human being are that you experience the following limited beliefs:

I am my body

I am my thoughts

I am my feelings

I am my concepts and beliefs

I am this separate consciousness


The illusion that this is who you are veils and hides your authentic, essential Self and causes you to live in a limited state of dis-connection from your full intelligence and power. The ego, creates the experience of a separate “I”. Universal I becomes limited, separate I. You see everything as outside of yourself and you create false stories, you see things as separate from yourself and judge everything as good and bad. This separation cause you to feel fear, lack and limitation.


You try to fit into the story your family and society have created. You create a separate self-image and try to fit into that. You live in a false concept. Your divine experience has become a false concept, an illusion.


Illusion has 3 core aspects;

1) You believe what you see and that your story, beliefs and concepts are true and real. You see your beliefs as right. But this story and reality were created not knowing your real Divine nature. You believe you are your body, your mind, your role, your position, your story. I am a doctor, I am a husband, I am a Buddhist, I am tall, I am white, and I am Italian. You believe you are the wave and forget the ocean.


2) Separation is real. Universality is lost. You do not see the reality that the Divine has become everything and is expressing itself as everything. This separation, this loss of unity with your source, causes you to feel imperfect, incomplete, unsatisfied, and incapable. You have lost knowing your Divinity and your nature as peace, love, bliss, abundance and well-being.


3) You think everything is permanent. You seek permanent happiness in things and relationships, but things and relationships are constantly changing. The entire relative world in impermanent. You live in resistance.


Your understanding of who you authentically are is the core of the spiritual path. Realization, enlightenment, is realizing you are universal consciousness, the divine, being, presence. So when you allow impurities to affect the way the ego relates to yourself and others, you veil this realization and you impose a lesser understanding upon yourself. Then you forget your greatness, your universality, your divinity and you impose this limitation on all that you see. 


Limitations arise through dis-connection with the unlimited aspect of yourself. Limitations vanish when you are in connection to the unlimited joy, abundance, peace, love and well-being that is your essential Self and essential nature. When connection is restored, all lack and limitation vanish.


In most people’s lives there is a tendency to spend very little time restoring connection. Life is a constant whirlwind of doing, doing, doing, and being, inner connection, knowing the essential Self is lost. Inner connection takes a commitment, just like anything else that you want to achieve.


This is a vibrational journey

What restores connection and removes limitations?

1) A vibrational catalyst in the form of a teacher

2) A practice such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, chanting, breath work, service

3) Choosing the people, places and things that vibrationally uplift and support you

4) Becoming mindful of your beliefs, identities, habits and patterns. These are all limitations to some extent. When you identify as something other than your divinity, then that is a limitation. When you believe you are something less than perfect, then that becomes a limitation. When you live in patterns of victimhood, resistance and attachment, than they become limitations.

5) Resolving unresolved emotional content



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