Mindfulness and Money

Mindfulness and Money

Abundance is an aspect of consciousness. It is not created. It is uncovered or revealed or allowed. It already exists as an aspect of who you are. Fully expanded consciousness will automatically manifest abundance because abundance is its nature. If you purify yourself and expand your consciousness, abundance will manifest, effortlessly and naturally. In an expanded state you will intuitively know and believe that your abundance is assured because you are completely in touch with your true nature and then all of nature will conspire to create your abundance.


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Money Anxiety and how to avoid the implosion

Money Anxiety

Studies tell us that women suffer more money anxiety than men. In good times over 60% of the adult population experiences money anxiety. In bad economic times that number rises to over 80%. In severe recessions that number can approach 90%.


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Relationships: Money, money, money

Relationships and Money

What is the one thing couples fight over the most? Money. It’s so interesting to watch couples in therapy sessions struggle with this subject. Money is always a power, a maker of priorities and a means of control. In most cases one person has or makes more than the other. That elevates them in stature and social importance. It creates a better and worse, a high and a low. It becomes so complicated because we are reacting to our conditioning. 70% of couples fight about money.


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