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• We prefer unpublished content but if you have a previously published piece that you think is especially worthy of being showcased, let us know.

• Keep it original. If the topic has already been covered, how can you add a new spin or perspective to the conversation?

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• There’s no strict rules for length but aim for between 500-1200 words.  

• Please refrain from using irrelevant or spammy links that clearly point to products or services.

• Feel free to submit a photo with your article that’s relevant, high-quality and licensed for commercial use. 1280 x 960px. 

• Expect edits... Even the best articles still need tweaking.

• It goes without saying, but please don’t plagiarize. We check each article.

• Please double check or triple check your article for typos and grammatical issues before submitting it.

In your submission, please include:

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• Include your title and article content in the email itself or in a Google doc.

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